Top 5 Best Heated Toilet Seats for Ultimate Comfort in 2024

Best Heated Toilet Seats

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to enter the restroom on those icy winter mornings and feel welcomed each time? With a clever, energy-efficient solution, bid a fond farewell to the uncomfortable, cold toilet seat and welcome the warmth of a heated embrace. This post explores the world of heated toilet seat warmers, a straightforward yet ground-breaking method to improve your restroom experience.

Find out how simple installation, programmable heat settings, and safe, clean designs can make everyday activities seem comfortable and welcoming.

List of the Best Heated Toilet Seats

1. Best Overall Heated Toilet Seat: Bio Bidet Bliss Elongated Smart Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet BB2000 Bliss Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, Warm Water with Air Dryer, Heated Seat with Sensor and Slow Close Lid, Night Light, Remote Control, Elongated, White
  • ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE: Equipped with an adjustable stainless steel nozzle for a personalized front and back wash, ensuring a tailored and comfortable cleaning experience
  • UNLIMITED WARM WATER: Features adjustable temperature and an integrated warm air dryer for enhanced comfort and convenience during use

The Bio Bidet Bliss Smart Toilet Seat is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a stylish yet practical toilet seat. This is a stylish, durable bidet designed to give you a spa-like experience right in your own bathroom. Made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and stainless steel, it looks and feels stylish and durable enough to be used in any modern bathroom.

This device is more than just a toilet seat; it’s a complete bidet with multiple settings for your comfort and cleanliness, including a vortex wash. To ensure a customized experience, you can change the nozzle placements, temperature, and water pressure. Additionally, the feature that offers endless warm water is ideal for chilly days or just to provide a little extra comfort. Simple and easy to do yourself installation makes this a great option for those of us who like to do house renovations ourselves.

The heated seat and integrated night light, which greatly reduces the disturbance of visits in the middle of the night, are two of my favorite features. Not to mention the temperature controls that can be adjusted, which improve the user experience, and the whisper-close lid. Numerous satisfied customers, including myself, attest to the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000’s exceptional ease of installation and simple remote control functions, which make it a worthwhile investment given the comfort and refinement it adds to everyday routines.

2. Best Best Value for Money Heated Toilet Seat: Lotus Smart Bidet

Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Electronic Heated Toilet Seat, Temperature Controlled Wash, Warm Air Dryer, Easy DIY Installation, Made in Korea, One Size Fit
  • Continuous warm water wash, feminine wash, turbo wash and a child wash, a heated seat and air dryer with temperature control.
  • Energy Save Mode reduce electricity and Air Dryer save toilet paper, good for the environment.

The Lotus Smart Bidet may be the ideal bidet for your bathroom if you’re searching for a high-quality one that won’t break the bank. This model is amazing, I have to tell you. With its many features, including a warm air dryer and temperature-controlled wash, this electronic heated toilet seat is easy to use and regulate.

The ATS-500 is unique in that it has a continuous warm water feature that makes sure there are never any cold surprises while using it. It’s ideal for every member of the family, and my youngster especially loves the child wash setting. You don’t have to be an expert do-it-yourself to quickly install the seat and get it functioning.

An added plus is the energy-saving mode, which lowers electricity costs without sacrificing comfort. The soft closing seat and the self-cleaning nozzle are considerate additions that improve convenience and hygiene. Measuring 20″L x 17.3″W and constructed from durable stainless steel, it fits wonderfully in my bathroom without appearing clunky.

I can attest that this bidet is a valuable addition to any bathroom since it combines elegance and functionality. It’s an investment in cleanliness and comfort, not just a purchase.

3. Best High-Tech Heated Toilet Seat: TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet

TOTO SW2033R#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water, Heated Seat, Deodorizer, Warm Air Dryer, and PREMIST, Round, Cotton White
  • A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE – Gentle yet powerful water spray provides an effective clean; Adjustable warm water and pressure settings; dual action spray with oscillating option creates a refreshing clean every time
  • STEP INTO A LAVISH STANDARD OF LIVING -SoftClose heated bidet seat provides consistent warmth coverage over full seat surface; Air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors with powerful air filters; Adjustable warm air dryer provides easy clean up

I recently updated to the TOTO C100, and every time I use the restroom, I have to admit, it feels like I’ve stepped into the future. This isn’t just any bidet seat—rather, it’s a little masterpiece with a ton of useful functions designed for maximum comfort and hygiene.

This model has a clever side control panel that is very straightforward to use and makes adjusting settings without a remote quite simple. It’s a blessing that you have separate buttons for the different wash options and for adjusting the temperature of the air drying. The PREMIST function, which automatically washes the bowl before each use to assist keep the toilet clean with less effort, is another noteworthy feature.

Nothing is more reassuring than a warm welcome on a cool morning, which is why I adore the heated seat. The air deodorizer is also very efficient; it works covertly and leaves the bathroom smelling great after use. It fitted my regular round toilet flawlessly and was quickly linked up during installation.

The C100 has changed the game in terms of everyday convenience. The toilet has evolved into a little spa, with features like warm air drying and soft yet thorough cleaning. You won’t want to go back to using regular toilet paper after trying this, I promise.

4. Best Heated Toilet Seat with Night Light: Brondell LumaWarm


Allow me to introduce you to my little piece of heaven, the heated toilet seat from Brondell LumaWarm. This has been a huge help to me as someone who dislikes using the restroom in the cold, especially on those chilly winter mornings. This device makes those late-night drives less difficult by not only warming the seat but also emitting a soft glow via an integrated blue LED nightlight.

The control that is conveniently located at the side of the seat is what I value the most. Simple, easily accessible buttons allow you to change the temperature between three settings based on your desired level of coziness, eliminating the need for complicated remote controls. It was also quite easy to install. This seat can be quickly assembled if you know how to use a screwdriver. The directions are simple to understand and follow, and it fits flawlessly on any typical elongated toilet.

In a busy home, it is a relief that there is no loud slamming when the seat and lid close gently. In addition, it weighs only about 4.6 pounds, yet it seems solid and well-made.

All things considered, the Brondell LumaWarm was one of those tiny indulgences that made a big difference in my everyday activities. It’s incredible how a relatively straightforward improvement can give your bathroom a little opulent vibe.

5. Best Budget-Friendly Heated Toilet Seat: Toastie Tush Round Toilet Seat Warmer

Toastie Tush Innovative Round Toilet Seat Warmer | Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, Heated Toilet Seat Round | Waterproof Warm Toilet Seat | Electric Round Toilet Seat Cover Heater
  • Easy to install: Using as few as three Velcro pieces, the pad simply attaches to the lid. Special heating pad easily attaches to underside of existing toilet seat lid and warms to the comfort of the owner when the lid is down.
  • Electric: Transfers warmth to the seat when lid is closed (you do not sit on the pad). It is an electrically warmed pad that attaches to the lid of a toilet with Velcro pieces. Leave it on all the time for pennies a day.

Let’s talk about this cool little device that can really make a big difference on chilly mornings: the Toastie Tush toilet seat warmer. Just think—you won’t have to worry about shivering from the cold seat of your car! It only takes a few Velcro strips to install, making it very easy. You can complete it on your own in a matter of minutes because it is so simple. To further ease your mind, a built-in circuit breaker is integrated directly into the plug, making it extremely safe.

Now, the Toastie Tush is more than just comfortable—it’s also useful. Because of the waterproof vinyl coating, cleaning is simple—all you need to do is wipe it down. You can even take it on travels with you to keep warm. It’s something, is it not? Additionally, you can choose how warm you want your seat thanks to the three heat settings, which lessens the shock factor of late-night visits.

However, I think the low energy consumption is what actually makes it worthwhile. It maintains your seat warm for pennies on the dollar every day, so you can always be comfortable without worrying about your electricity costs going through the roof. It’s such a clever approach to infuse your everyday routine with a little pleasure without going over budget. I promise you, after using the Toastie Tush, you won’t want to use a standard, frigid toilet seat again!

Final Verdict

Now that you’re well-versed in the cozy benefits of heated toilet seat warmers, why stop here? Embrace the comfort and upgrade your bathroom with this game-changing addition. Check out the various models that fit your lifestyle and budget, and never dread those chilly night trips to the bathroom again.

For more insights on transforming your home into a haven of comfort and convenience, don’t forget to explore our other blog posts. Equip your space with the best, and turn every corner of your home into a snug sanctuary.


Who makes the best heated toilet seat?

Brondell and TOTO are highly regarded for making top-quality heated toilet seats. Both brands offer a range of features including adjustable temperature settings, night lights, and eco-friendly functions. Their products consistently receive positive reviews for durability and comfort.

Which toilet seat is the most comfortable?

Comfort in toilet seats often depends on personal preference, including the shape and material. However, many people find elongated toilet seats made from high-quality plastic or cushioned vinyl to be the most comfortable. Brands like Kohler and Mayfair are well-known for their comfortable seats with features like slow-closing lids and ergonomic designs.

Are heated toilet seats worth it?

Absolutely, especially if you live in a colder climate. Heated toilet seats can provide significant comfort with features like temperature control and warm air drying. They can also reduce the need for excessive heating in your home during the winter months, potentially saving on energy costs. The added comfort and convenience generally make them a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize bathroom comfort.

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