Best Carpet Fresheners for a Fresh and Odor-Free Home: Top Picks

Best Carpet Fresheners

Dealing with carpet odor can be frustrating, right? Unwanted smells from pets, cooking or everyday use can stay and make your home smells eww. I’ve tried a lot of products that just fine or leave a strong smell. At first, finding a carpet deodorizer that really works is hard. But there are some stuffs that works well.

Here is a rundown of the top three best carpet fresheners.

List of the Best Carpet Fresheners

Best Carpet Freshener for Pet Odor: Good Natured Brand Carpet Freshener & Deodorizer Powder

Good Natured Brand | Carpet Freshener & Deodorizer Powder | Pet Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor & Pet Urine | Fresh Natural Lemon & Eucalyptus Scent | Biodegradable, Safe for Homes with Pets – 31oz
  • POWERFUL DEODORIZING & LASTING FRESHNESS – Harness the effective cleaning power of GNB’s Carpet Freshener Powder. This superior deodorizer and cleaner eliminates strong odors for long-lasting freshness.
  • ADVANCED PET ODOR ELIMINATOR – Struggling with persistent pet odors? Our carpet odor eliminator neutralizes strong smells from pet urine, feces, vomit. It restores a pleasant environment with an effective formula, safe for homes with pets and children.

I recently tried the Good Natured Brand Carpet Freshener & Deodorizer Powder, and it has been a game changer in dealing with pet odor. This 31 ounce pack has a lemony blue scent and works wonders in strong smells like pet poop. It’s safe for pets and the environment because it’s biodegradable.

So easy to use. The smell is fresh and not overpowering. Plus, it’s made by a small business, so it’s nice to support them.

Best Carpet Freshener with Long-lasting Scent: Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer – Lavender & Vanilla

Another great option is the Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer in Lavender & Vanilla. At $36.88, this 32-ounce powder may seem a bit expensive, but the benefits make it worth it. It is perfect for removing deep odors and gives a pleasant smell.

This deodorizer is easy it is to use. Sprinkle the powder on your carpet and wait a moment, then vacuum it. The lavender and vanilla scents can last for days, leaving your home smelling clean.

It is good for homes with pets too. The scent is not too strong, which is great if you are sensitive to strong scents. Many users appreciate its long-lasting fragrance and effectiveness in nourishing the carpet.

However, some customers said that it is a bit expensive and sometimes difficult to find in stores. But if you’re looking for a reliable carpet deodorizer with a soothing scent, it’s a solid choice.

Best Fragrance-Free Carpet Freshener: NonScents Carpet & Rug Odor Eliminator

NonScents Carpet & Rug Odor Eliminator – Safe & Fragrance-Free Pet Carpet Deodorizer – Cat and Dog Smell Neutralizer – Removes Pet Urine Odors – Fresh Scent Powder in Pet Areas at Home
  • SEAMLESS ODOR REVIVAL: Experience the delight of renewed freshness through our NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator. Unlike products that merely cover up odors with fragrances or perfumes, our formula employs advanced molecular odor neutralization. Bid farewell to tenacious odors that linger in your living spaces.
  • ODOR ELIMINATION FORMULA: Tired of odors from those unexpected pet messes? Our innovative formula is designed to target and neutralize odors stemming from urine, feces, and even vomit. Trust in its power to eliminate these troublesome smells, leaving your carpets and rugs free from the lingering traces of your furry friends’ accidents.

You can trust this product for removing pet oors and smoky smell from cooking. This powder is fragrance-free, so if you don’t like strong scents, this is perfect for you. It neutralizes odors , so its effective for cleaning pet urine, feces and vomit.

Just put it on the carpet, leave it for a few hours or overnight, then vacuum. Aside from removing the odors, it will also keep your vacuum cleaner. The gritty texture feels a little strange underfoot, but penetrates the carpet fibers to do its job.

This powder contains no chemicals and is veterinarian approved. That means it’s safe for your kids and pets. It can also eliminate pet odors, cooking fumes and insects.

Final Verdict

These carpet fresheners deliver real results. They tackle odors and keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Good Natured Brand offers an eco-friendly option with a refreshing scent. Glade provides a long-lasting fragrance that keeps rooms inviting. NonScents is ideal if you prefer no added scent but want powerful odor elimination. Each of these products excels in its own way, ensuring your carpets stay fresh and pleasant.

Give them a try and notice the improvement. For more tips and product reviews, check out our other blog posts.


What is the best thing to put on carpet for smell?

The best thing to put on carpet for smell is a high-quality carpet deodorizer like Good Natured Brand Carpet Freshener. It neutralizes odors effectively and leaves a pleasant scent.

What carpet freshener is best?

Good Natured Brand Carpet Freshener, Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer in Lavender & Vanilla, and NonScents Carpet & Rug Odor Eliminator are among the best carpet fresheners. They are effective, safe for pets, and highly rated by users.

How can I make my carpet smell nice?

To make your carpet smell nice, use a carpet deodorizer. Sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up. This helps to eliminate odors and leaves a fresh scent.

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