10 Best Electric Lunch Boxes of 2024

Best Electric Lunch Boxes

Are you one of the 62% of adults who would bring their lunch to work than eat out? Choosing to pack a lunch can save you money and help manage your food. With new electric lunch boxes, you can enjoy a hot meal.

Over the last five years, these devices have gained popularity. They align with the trend of eating healthy, homemade foods, despite people’s busy lifestyles.

This article delves into top electric lunch boxes, catering to diverse needs and tastes, guaranteeing both quality and excitement in your meals.

List of the Best Electric Lunch Boxes

Best Overall: Crock-Pot Go Portable Food Warmer

Crock-Pot GO Portable Food Warmer, Electric Lunch Box with Detachable Cord
  • Portable and Personal Size: This portable food warmer holds more than 3.5 cups, so it’s perfectly sized for leftovers, soups, salads, and more, and lets you take your home-cooked meals with you to work, school, or virtually anywhere
  • Faster Warm Up: Heats to 195°F within 2 hours, so lunch will be hot and ready when you’re ready to eat

The Crock-Pot Go Portable Food Warmer cooks hot and cold food. It holds 3.5 cups, perfect for a generous lunch. This warmer heats food up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, staying warm for two hours.

For cold foods, it maintains a low temperature for three hours. The electric lunch box has a stainless steel drawer and lid, safe for the dishwasher top. Cleaning is easy. It has a removable power cord hidden underneath. The lid has a nesting handle for minimal storage.

It takes a couple of hours to heat up, depending on the dish and your preferred temperature. The secure-lock lid reduces spillage, making it more convenient. It only comes in one color, which might be bad if you’re looking for variety.

This lunch box is perfect for anyone wants hot or cold snacks on the go. It keeps your food at the right temp until you’re ready to eat, whether you’re heading to work or on a day trip.

Runner Up: Steambox Electric Lunch Box And Food Warmer

Steambox: The Self-Heating Lunchbox – Battery Powered Electric Lunch Box And Food Warmer – Leak Proof BPA Free Dishwasher Safe
  • ⚡️ RECHARGEABLE – Heat up to 3 meals per charge, with ±45 minutes of total steaming time. So bring an extra Steambox food container to enjoy multiple hot meals during the day.
  • 💨 STEAM – A fast, tasty and healthy method for reheating food. Enjoy a fresh-tasting meal every single time and perserve up to15% more nutrients in your food.

The Steambox electric lunch box stands out for its efficient heating capability and stylish design, making it a solid choice for those without microwave access. This lunch box features a heating method that combines heat and water, ensuring that meals like pasta and meatballs are reheated thoroughly and taste fresh. It’s quick, heating food in just 20 minutes, significantly faster than many other models.

Despite its attractive bamboo and white finish, which looks good enough to be kept on a countertop or desk, the Steambox is quite heavy at 4.3 pounds. It’s more practical to leave the heating base at one location (like your workplace) and only transport the tray if needed. The tray is large enough to hold a full meal comfortably.

Operating the Steambox might require a little learning curve with its touchscreen controls. Once you get the hang of it, you can control it via Bluetooth on your smartphone. Keep in mind that the device needs to be fully charged before use and cannot charge while using it.

Crafted from food-grade materials including PCABS, bamboo, stainless steel, and silicone, the Steambox is not insulated but its quick heating and ease of use make up for this. Priced for functionality and design, it’s an appealing choice for enjoying warm meals on the go.

Best Budget Electric Lunch Box: Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Crock-Pot Electric Lunch Box, 20-Ounce Portable Food Warmer, Black Licorice, Perfect for Travel, On-the-Go & Office Use | Stylish, Spill-Free & Dishwasher-Safe | Ideal Men & Women’s Gifts
  • Convenient 20-oz Size: Ideal for carrying your favorite meals and leftovers
  • Detachable Cord: Slides off easily for convenient storage

Crock-Pot Lunch Box Food Warmer offers an easy way to prepare a hot meal on the go. This electric lunch box is small and round, looking a bit like a traditional Crock-Pot. It comes with a 20-ounce serving (about 2.5 cups), perfect for a single serving of leftovers, soups, or chili.

You can choose from eight different colors to match your style. The design includes a carrying handle and an electrical cord that easily starts when not in use. An external power light indicates when the unit is on and keeping your food warm.

There is a durable seal on the lid that helps prevent any spills during transport, allowing you to reliably carry your food mess-free. Cleanup is straightforward as both the food container and lid are dishwasher safe.

To clean it, simply mop it with warm soapy water outside. This Crock-Pot Lunch Crock is perfect for easy and efficient hot meals at work or on the go. Its compact size and easy maintenance make it practical for everyday use.

Best Electric Lunch Box for Design: Hot Bento Food Warmer

Hot Bento – Self Heated Lunch Box and Food Warmer – Battery Powered, Portable, Cordless, Hot Meals for Office, Travel, Jobsite, Picnics, Outdoor Recreation, Kitchen Meal Prep, Black
  • PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Equalizes pressure caused by steam and altitude to prevent vacuum and ensure easy opening.
  • ON-DEMAND CONVENIENCE: Simply Double Press the power button to heat your meal to 145-165 °F in 10-15 minutes, depending on its contents

The Hot Bento electric lunch box is known for its convenience and efficiency. It’s battery operated. You can heat your food without needing an outlet, perfect for on-the-go use. It heats food between 145 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 to 15 mins. It’s recommended to stir your food about halfway through the warming process for even heating.

It has a stainless steel nonstick food tray, making cleaning easier by reducing food residue. However, the food tray isn’t removable, and the entire unit requires handwashing. The design includes a secure lid that latches in three places to prevent spills.

You can store the Hot Bento in the refrigerator, allowing you to prepare your meal the night before and grab it quickly the next morning. With its quick heating time and battery-powered flexibility, the Hot Bento is a practical choice for enjoying a hot meal anywhere without needing external power sources.

Best Electric Lunch Box for Camping: LunchEaze Original

LunchEAZE Electric Lunch Box – Self-Heating, Cordless, Battery Powered Food Warmer for Work, Travel – 220°F Heat, BPA Free, Meal Prep Friendly with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 🔋RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE | LunchEAZE is the world’s first totally rechargeable, automatic, self heated lunchbox
  • 🛻 GOES WHERE YOU GO | Truly portable, LunchEAZE’s rechargeable battery lets you have a hot meal no matter where you are.

The LunchEaze Original lunch box is a high-performance option for those needing a hot meal away from traditional power sources, priced at $249.95. It operates on a rechargeable battery, offering the convenience to heat food anywhere. A full charge allows up to 2.5 hours of heating, sufficient to warm even frozen meals. It can also function while plugged in and charging.

The LunchEaze Original heat meals to temp between 170 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit, taking one to two hours. It’s great for camping since you don’t need a stove or fire anymore. It comes with a 3.9-cup stainless steel food container that’s dishwasher-safe, along with the lid.

The smart timer lets you set a specific mealtime; the lunch box starts heating automatically to have your meal ready when you need it. An insulated bag extends heat retention, keeping your food warm longer.

Though it’s on the pricier side and recharging the battery takes about six hours, its portability and convenience make it a valuable tool for those frequently on the move.

Best Electric Lunch Box for Storage: Hamilton Beach Lunch ‘N Go Portable Food Warmer

Hamilton Beach Portable Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer for Office & Car with 12V Adapter, 120V Plug, Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Tray, Insulated Carrying Bag, Fork & Spoon, Blue (33105)
  • HOT MEALS ANYWHERE: Carry and reheat meals on the go with the portable food warmer. The 2-in-1 design includes a 12 volt adapter for the car and a 120 volt plug for the office. Why eat a sandwich or pricey fast food when making a hot meal is so easy?
  • BENTO-STYLE FOOD TRAY: The stainless steel food tray has 3 compartments to separate your favorite foods for warming. It’s durable and is perfect for storing leftovers until you’re ready to heat them in the portable lunch warmer.

The Hamilton Beach Lunch ‘N Go Portable Food Warmer, priced at $34.99, is a practical solution for enjoying a variety-packed lunch without the hassle of multiple containers. This electric lunch box features a stainless steel food tray divided into three compartments: a large main section and two smaller ones for sides, allowing you to separate different dishes neatly.

It’s designed to operate with electricity and comes equipped with both a standard 120-volt plug for use in places like work or school, and a 12-volt car adapter for heating your meal on the go. The lunch box is set to heat food within at least one hour, making it a reliable option for prepping your meal ahead of time.

Both the food tray and the lid are dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy cleanup. The outer lid cleverly includes a storage area for the included utensils, which are also safe to clean in the dishwasher. A carrying handle and an insulated bag are part of the package, enhancing its portability and convenience.

Although it comes in only one color and lacks a battery-powered option, its affordability and functional design make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to simplify their mealtime while away from home.

Hot Logic Food Warmer and Heater

HotLogic Mini Portable Electric Lunch Box Food Heater – Innovative Food Warmer and Heated Lunch Box for Adults Car/Home – Easily Cook, Reheat, and Keep Your Food Warm – Blue (120V)
  • HOT FOOD ON HAND: Our warming lunch box is ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals, and warming comfort food anywhere you need it. Enjoy delicious meals at home, in the office, at parties, potlucks, or gatherings.
  • YOUR FOOD, PERFECTLY COOKED: Better than an insulated lunchbox, this easy-to-use electric lunch box heater can reheat or even cook your meals at a low-slow conduction heat. It can bring foods to the ideal temperature and hold them there without overcooking or drying.

This portable oven offers a convenient way to enjoy warm meals, whether freshly cooked or leftovers. It works with various types of containers, including glass and plastic, making it practical for everyday use. It can maintain food temperature for up to 12 hours, ensuring warm meals when you’re ready to eat. Some users find it takes a while to heat up meals, which could be inconvenient.

Concerns exist about its durability, as the material is thin and prone to tearing. However, these issues are overshadowed by its amazing features. Many reviewers have expressed satisfaction with its ability to cook raw food thoroughly, a significant advantage if you prefer cooking meals from scratch. Furthermore, the insulated tote design is a big plus, as it keeps the food from drying out, preserving the taste and quality of your meals.

Eocolz Electric Lunch Box Food Heater Warmer

Eocolz Electric Lunch Box Food Heater Warmer 60W, 2 in 1 Portable Lunch Box for Car Truck Home Work Leak Proof with 1.5L Removable 304 Stainless Steel Container & Spoon 2 Compartments 110V 12V
  • 2 IN 1 CAR & HOME DUAL USE – Our 60W electric lunch box / food warmer contains two different plugs: one for work/home (110V) and another one for car/truck (12V / 24v). You can carry the portable lunch heating storage box everyday and conveniently heat meals in different places. Say goodbye to fast food!
  • SAFE FOOD GRADE MATERIAL – The electric bento box is made of food grade plastic and 304 stainless steel container. Our thermal food container has strong heat resistance and meets the safety standards of dietary materials.

This electric lunch box lets you enjoy a hot and moist meal by simply adding a bit of water to your precooked food, plugging in the box, and waiting a short while. It’s versatile, coming with a car plug for use on the go.

While some users noted slower heating times, the majority appreciate its effectiveness in both car and office settings. Plus, the stainless steel construction makes cleaning a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of a fresh, hot meal wherever you are without the typical microwave meal drawbacks.

Rottogoon Portable Food Warmer Mini Electric Lunch Box

Portable Oven, 110V Portable Food Warmer Personal Portable Oven Mini Electric Heated Lunch Box for Reheating & Raw Food Cooking in Office, Travel, Potlucks and Home Kitchen (Black)
  • MINI PORTABLE OVEN – Compared to microwave ovens, the mini portable microwave keeps you from the queuing, retaining the original flavor of the food and allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste on your tongue.
  • EASY TO USE – The portable food warmer has an automatic temperature control design that doesn’t have to worry about overheating the food. Just plug in the power and you can do other things. Will make you use your time more efficiently! Compatible with most flat-bottom containers with sealable lids including glass, plastic, tupperware, metal and aluminum foil.

This food warmer bag is a multifunctional companion for your meals, designed to be carried as a shoulder bag, tote, or attached to a backpack for hands-free use. It efficiently brings meals from raw or precooked to the ideal temperature, supported by a thick aluminum lining for superior heat retention.

Although some users reported slow heating, the majority were pleased with how evenly it cooked various types of food, even those requiring different cooking times. Additionally, the heating plate remains cool enough to safely heat up plastic containers, enhancing its practicality and safety for everyday use.

Corotc Electric Lunch Box

COROTC 95W Electric Lunch Box, 3 IN 1 12V/24V/110V Heated Lunch Boxes for Work Car/Truck, Portable Microwave with 1.5L 304 Stainless Steel Container/Fork/Spoon/Insulated Carry Bag
  • ✔3 IN 1 MULTIPURPOSE LUNCH BOX – Portable food warmer lunch box supports 3 voltages:12V/24V/110V. Car power supply for 12V/24V car/truck, home power supply for 110V/220V home/office/construction site, etc. No need for microwave oven, allowing you to enjoy warm and healthy food no matter where you are!
  • ✔ 95W HEATING UPGRADED – Our 95W Electric lunch box food heater heats faster than the 60W/80W heated lunch box. The heating time of the 95W food warmer lunch box is 20-30 minutes in normal temperatures, but heating time of the 60W heating lunch box is 30-50 minutes.

This versatile lunch box is designed for on-the-go convenience, featuring a plug-in option for both 110V outlets and 12V vehicle power sources. It includes practical features like a handle, buckles, a steam outlet, and an extra spoon, enhancing its portability. The lunch box has a removable compartment, allowing you to separate different types of food easily.

Although some users have mentioned that it heats slowly and the lid isn’t fully spill-proof—so it’s best kept upright—many appreciate its durability and the even, thorough warming of food. Both power options function reliably, making this lunch box a solid choice for mobile meal heating.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for convenience, style, or budget-friendly options, there’s an electric lunch box that fits your needs. Each model we reviewed offers unique features to enhance your mealtime, whether you’re at the office, on the road, or enjoying the great outdoors. Choose the best fit based on your lifestyle and meal preferences.

For more insights on making your daily routines easier and more enjoyable, be sure to check out our other blog posts. We’re here to help you find the best products that make life a little better every day.


What are the disadvantages of an electric lunch box?

Electric lunch boxes can have several disadvantages, including slower heating times compared to conventional microwaves. They often require pre-planning, as many models need to be charged in advance. Some models might also be heavier due to their built-in electrical components, and they can be more expensive than traditional non-electric lunch containers. Additionally, the need to have access to a power source (either a wall outlet or a car adapter) can limit their usability in certain environments.

How safe is an electric lunch box?

Electric lunch boxes are generally safe to use when operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They are designed with safety features like automatic shut-off and heat-resistant materials to prevent overheating and burns. However, it’s important to ensure that the lunch box is kept away from water to avoid electrical hazards and that food is heated to a safe temperature to avoid foodborne illnesses.

What is comparable to LunchEAZE?

Comparable products to LunchEAZE include other portable electric lunch boxes like the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock, the HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven, and the YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box. These devices also offer the convenience of warming food without a microwave, featuring various functionalities such as multiple heating modes, car adapters, and, in some cases, battery operation for increased portability. Each has its own set of features that might cater to different needs, such as size, heating time, and material quality.

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